Monday, 1 September 2014

Carer's Must Grow A Backbone!

I'm a published writer and left my job in a care home two months ago.
After every shift, I would come home, relax in the bath, and think, "Jesus Christ, what if that was my Dad who was ambling his way along the corridor sodden in urine because the carers had to put him in a queue to change him because they were so short-staffed?" 
I'd get out of the bath, go downstairs to make a cup of tea, and whilst stirring in the sugar, I'd think, "What if that was my Mum left soaking in her own urine for hours because the night staff could not physically provide the quality standard of care simply because there was just one carer and one Nurse on duty?"
What would I have done if that was my Mum or Dad? 
It is mandatory that every health-care company provides safeguarding courses for their staff. I am not exactly sure what goes through an individuals mind when they complete these courses, but it has to be questioned why carers fear coming forward and reporting incidents that are absolutely necessary. 
Carers who claim to be carers are not carers if they fail to protect the vulnerable. Residents and patients depend on carers to be their voices. 
Some of the carers I have met have been mute. If the patients 'carers' don't have a voice, then where do we go from here? 
I do not want a muted carer caring for any of my family. If they do not have the backbone to speak out about inhumane conditions, they are inhuman themselves. They should not be working in the care industry, full stop.
If you do not have the balls to stand up and speak out, sling your hook away from the vulnerable and elderly. You do not have the privilege to be around them.
It bothers me tremendously that some health-care providers employ any Tom, Dick or Harry to care for our elders. I have worked with carers who are just simply useless. They have entered the care industry because it is 'just a job.'
It's not 'just a job.' If you want 'just a job' fuck off to Tesco's! 
I whistle-blew in 2013 because others didn't have the backbone to do it. No guts, no balls. All they were interested in was 'who was the bitch or bastard that whistle-blew'. Disgusting don't you think? Actually no, it's sickening!
If someone stumbled across a dog that was left abandoned and starving, would they just walk past it? If you witnessed a baby neglected in a cot, would you not report it? It appears that some people wouldn't! What a fucking society this has become! Have some 'carers' who care for our elderly, been dragged up? Do they even respect human life? Because I am very sorry, if you stay muted about abuse and neglect, you are a piss-poor version of a human being yourself.
Yes I have come across those who are too afraid to speak out and come forward. I get that and I understand they fear losing their jobs and so forth.
It could also be purely down to the management in the care home. If a care home is badly managed, the cream-of-the-crop carers flee the home and move on. I have seen it happen on many occasions. Those that lie in dirt - get covered in dirt - and the muted amblers are left behind. They are quite content keeping their mouth's shut for an easy life and a wage at the end of the month. They don't want to rock the boat so they keep quiet. Fucking useless individuals in my opinion, but they do exist in our care homes unfortunately. I blame the poor quality of carers on the health-care providers. When you pay peanuts, this is what inevitably happens. 

There are indeed some carers who in my opinion should be paid more than a registered Nurse. I have worked with some excellent individuals who can proudly call themselves carers. Unfortunately, they don't stick around because better opportunities are around the corner for them, and the minimum wage is an insult. It just is. What is the saying? You get what you pay for! Never a truer word said!

I would like the Government to review the whistle-blowing policy.
Should carers, home managers, Nurses and other staff members be prosecuted if they refuse to speak out? Yes they absolutely should. 
If care home managers and care home providers fail to provide sufficient staffing levels, they should be prosecuted. 
I did hear somewhere along the grapevine that the Care Quality Commission was bringing something in to force about this, but I haven't read anything lately about it. 

I looked at my Mum today. The person who raised me and the person who loves me. My Mum, my lovely Mum worked hard all her life and contributed to the UK.
One day she might need to go in to a care home. God forbid those who have a duty of care for her and do not protect her.